Ny klinikk inn i AniCura-familien

Kleintierklinik Hüttig in Germany blir en del av AniCura. Den tyske klinikken spesialiserer seg blant annet på kardiologi.


In 1982, veterinarian and specialised cardiologist Alexander Hüttig and his wife established Kleintierklinik Hüttig, now AniCura Kleintiermedizinisches Zentrum Hüttig. The clinic employs an experienced team of 40 of which eleven are veterinarians, attending to more than 11 000 patients each year, 90% of which are referrals from southern Germany. Kleintierklinik Hüttig is widely renowned for their competence within the cardiology field and also within the areas of nephrology, neurology, dermatology, oncology, surgery and orthopaedics.

Open around-the-clock, the clinic, which has experienced strong growth over the past decade, currently resides in a 600 square meter building but is planning to relocate later this year to purpose built facilities which also includes amenities for specialized intensive care and capacity for conducting thorax surgery as well as cardiovascular surgery with the aid of fluoroscopy.

Kleintierklinik Hüttig is the only private practise in Germany to perform surgical treatments for several congenital cardiovascular anomalies and cooperates with human practitioners in this field. Furthermore, the clinic offers unique expertise in nephrology, with continuous research and academic collaborations.

─ The good reputation of AniCura paved the way for this partnership and I was already familiar with the company at the time of initiating our dialogue. By joining AniCura we have secured a solid foundation for continued growth and development of specialised and cutting edge veterinary care at the same time as we obtain qualified support and experience for administration and management, says Alexander Hüttig, founder Kleintierklinik Hüttig.

─ We are very happy to welcome Kleintierklinik Hüttig to our family of high quality specialised veterinary clinics. We stand united in the pursuit of building and shaping veterinary care of the future, ensuring the best possible wellbeing of patients, pet owners and veterinary professionals alike, says Peter Dahlberg, Group CEO AniCura.

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